365 Unusual Things: 190-196

190. Saw an amazing bike sculpture in someone’s front yard. Passers-by are allowed to pedal the bike and make the wheels above turn. I didn’t, because I was alone and the owners weren’t around.

191. On a woman’s tracksuit jumper were the words Eat Sleep OTF Repeat. I sat by the pond imagining what OTF could stand for.

192. Got a contact message from my website, patriciaworthtranslator.com, from someone in the Australian literary translation field. She wants to meet me, but why? It’s the first contact message I’ve had from my site, though I’ve been running it for years.

193. Read that the Hebrew word śerāpîm, transliterated as Seraphim and generally associated with angels, actually comes from sārap meaning fiery flying serpents or poisonous snakes. But translators have been unable to find an English equivalent and therefore leave it untranslated, perhaps to avoid the image of flying venomous serpents as caretakers of God’s throne.

194. On a walk around the pond today, a man riding a skateboard with his arms crossed, and his little daughter on a bike, were coming towards me when I heard her ask “Dad, is it afternoon?”. He said “Yes, it’s afternoon”. When we reached each other on the path she said in a loud cheery voice, “Good afternoon!”. This was unusual coming from a small child, and indeed it’s unusual for anyone to greet me any more since most walkers wear earphones.

195. At the post office I applied for a passport renewal and the guy said it will take a few months because of the high demand now that we can travel again. He then cut the cover off my current passport so I won’t end up with two. But actually now I have none.

196. Driving home tonight I saw a huge yellow ball in the sky. Found out it’s a super moon.


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