365 Unusual Things: 197-203

197. Our new grandson came to be babysat at our house today for the first time. While I was talking baby talk to him, I was unknowingly videoed. It was posted on a social media site. A private moment all of a sudden became unprivate.

198. The Persian shop across the road has a set of traffic lights for sale. They’re shining so brightly that they catch my eye when I’m inside my house.

199. Near the Persian restaurant there’s a Nepalese discount grocery store which is setting up a new restaurant in its empty space. They’ve had the Himalayas painted around the top of the entrance.

200. Walking towards a nature reserve I was spooked by some large bird shadows appearing in front of me. I looked up and saw a flock of ibis flying low above my head, coming in to land.

201. Saw two birds by the pond today standing on one leg. A swamphen had a broken leg and was hopping on the good one; a seagull simply had only one leg, but wasn’t moving at all.

202. Found out that another literary translator/editor has followed my translation site for some time. Yet she’s not on my list of followers. Just shows that people read our stuff without letting us know. That’s not a bad thing.

203. After 18 months without a U.S. Ambassador in Australia, Caroline Kennedy arrived today to take up the position.


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