365 Unusual Things: 204-210

204. Bought a robot vacuum cleaner. It doesn’t pick up crumbs on the edges of the room. This is unusual because it was expensive.

205. Received a photo of my great-grandfather’s grave which surprised me. I’ve been told he had a mansion with maids. But the photo shows he lies in an unmarked grave.

206. Helped a Colombian migrant today learn the terms on a family tree. She has so many different ethnicities in her family that she can’t track her tree further back than one generation, unlike mine which consists only of Anglo-Scottish-Irish ancestors, some of whom I’ve tracked back 500 years.

207. Had a conversation with a Cameroonian woman who is 46 and wants to start a medical degree next year that will take her at least 7 years to complete.

208. Took photos in the street while waiting for someone, and noticed that Canberra has a winter uniform: a black puffer jacket. I’m unusual: my jacket is not black or puffy.

209. Read about a book of postcard poems that’s just been released. So I wrote a poem on a postcard in both English and French. Never done this before.

210. Saw a woman in blue lycra beside the pond, doubled over in a stretch, looking backwards at me through her legs, through matching blue-framed glasses.


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