Black and white war planes

Today I’m comparing a photo from about 1941 of a huge propeller plane in World War Two, probably a bomber, with a photo I took last weekend of an F-111C in the RAAF museum in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales.

I took the F-111 photo with my new camera, a Fujifilm X-E4. I’m no professional. I use a camera simply because I can’t take decent photos with a mobile phone, can’t hold it steady, am likely to drop it since it doesn’t have a wrist strap like my camera does. Actually I use a camera so I don’t look like everyone else.

The details in the new photo are outstanding. When I click on ‘full size’ in the WordPress info I can read the writing on the plane, and the bars of the fence around it are each defined. Clicking ‘full size’ for the old photo reveals little more of the plane, but I can see details on the young pilot’s face, a space between his teeth and prominent ears, which would help me identify him if I found another photo online to compare it with. There appears to be snow on the ground, suggesting it was December 1941 or January 1942.

My father captioned this photo McGowan RAAF. I’ve searched the War Memorial website for a pilot by this name who was flying in the Middle East (where my father had been sent) at the end of 1941, but I’m yet to identify him.


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