365 Unusual Things: 211-217

211. Saw a woman walking a cat on a leash in Gundagai.

212. Having lunch at the local golf club I saw a man heading onto the course in purple polka-dot pants and matching hat.

213. At the café/restaurant of the golf club, an Uber Eats driver brought a delivery of food to the receptionist which she tucked under her desk.

214. I was approached in the street by a woman with a petition to ban a certain Communist Party. She assured me that my first name would be sufficient. I didn’t sign it.

215. A large man arrived 2 weeks ago to rent an Airbnb apartment on the other side of my street. He was wearing shorts and t-shirt on a very cold winter day, and stood outside for the first 2 hours waiting for the owner to let him in. Today his car, parked in the street, is wrapped in police tape that says “Under investigation”.

216. A storm at one o’clock this morning made the solar fairy lights in my trees come on with every lightning flash.

217. After two storms and non-stop rain all day yesterday, the pond flooded and the cut reeds that are left to float on the pond for the birds were washed up onto the path. Stinky and sludgy.


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