365 Unusual Things: 218-224

218. Went to the new Nepalese café in my street and saw a painting of dancers in Kathmandu, signed Painter Krishna. Also saw a large photo of the Nepalese royal family who were assassinated in 2001.

219. Watched a band rehearse this morning where the woman at the microphone was singing and knitting at the same time, not as a gimmick but just because she can’t not knit.

220. Bought a 2300-page book that has pages 1607 – 1670 accidentally placed at the back.

221. Came across a tree I photographed a few years ago with ducks sitting in it. Today it’s completely dead.

222. Three years ago I asked someone the name of my favourite barista, and was told he was Kyle, which I’ve called him ever since. Today, thinking about his slight Chinese accent, I asked him if his name was actually Kyle. He informed me it’s Ki. He has never corrected me. This would be unusual for someone with an Anglo name, but migrants are often satisfied with ‘near enough is good enough’.

223. Rose early to photograph the sunrise for the first time this year. It was beautiful. Within minutes grey clouds came, stayed and drizzled on me all day.

224. A friend who told me a week ago that she wouldn’t have time to come and see me any more came to see me today.


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