365 Unusual Things: 232-238

232. There’s a guy living in his car in my street, parking often outside my house. The morning temperatures here are mostly below zero Celsius. This morning he started up the engine at 4 am, sat there a while, drove off, probably to warm up, and by 7 am he was back.

233. Saw an excellent performance of an orchestra today, a project of U3A (University of the Third Age).  It was unusual for me to watch an orchestra; I have no musical gifts.

234. Walked to a new part of a nature reserve and saw a fox-proof fence that runs for many kilometres, enclosing 1253 hectares, and protects native animals from foxes and feral cats.

235. A man behind me at the grocery counter had a trolley choc-a-block with bottles of milk. When I quipped that he seemed to like milk, he told me he doesn’t. He was buying it for a charity pantry.

236. Saw a man sitting in the street eating mackerel from one can and drinking coconut milk from another.

237. On my walk this afternoon I saw two kissing couples. In the few years I’ve lived in this suburb I’ve only seen one couple cuddling beside the water, so it’s unusual to see two within a few minutes. And in winter.

238. Bought a raffle ticket tonight and won a meat tray. First time ever.


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