365 Unusual Things: 246-252

246. Outside the back door of a local art gallery today I saw a neglected statue of the Madonna and Child. The gallery owner says someone gave it to him to restore but he’s too busy with his exhibitions.

247. Walked to the end of a small island in the middle of a pond thinking I was alone until I heard a hissing behind me. It was this swan sitting on a nest.

248. Saw a high school boy lapping up pond water and drinking it while his 3 mates stood by laughing. Even more unusual, he wore a mask but the others didn’t.

249. Beside a stream I saw a prickly pear planted by an unwary gardener. It’s highly invasive and took many years of eradication using an Argentinian moth to get rid of it from farmland. No one with this knowledge would ever plant one here.

250. A townhouse near me has pulled out its front garden and concreted the whole space. It’s unusual in this area where everyone has some sort of garden as a rule.

251. Saw an Australasian darter on a submerged branch. First time I’ve seen one in my area. Often called ‘snake bird’ because of its long neck.

252. Woke to the news that the Queen has died. Unusual and unwanted news.


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