365 Unusual Things: 253-259

253. A magpie came and stood on the balcony railing holding a live, kicking lizard in her mouth, showed it to me for 20 seconds, then flew away.

254. Saw an orange and black sunrise over the ocean at 5.20 am.

255. On the beach this morning someone had made some sand art with a rake, and left a message: ‘Have a great week’.

256. There are 10 wet yellow roses scattered over the shoreline this morning.

257. The checkout girl in the supermarket today was wearing a lanyard with the words ‘Smarter than I look’.

258. Saw a kookaburra that had caught a crab.

259. At a table outside a fish and chip shop, where some customers had left their unwanted food and paper, an ibis stood eating chips.


Published by Trish

Literary translator

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