365 Unusual Things: 260-266

260. Looking for a café in a country town today, I found one that’s vegetarian, vegan and rawist. I’ve never heard this last word. Didn’t go there.

261. Had family photos taken today on an old Rolleicord film camera.

262. Just watched 3.5 hours of the Queen’s funeral. The first and last time I’ll have to do that.

263. Visited Parliament House to see images from the Queen’s life projected on the building.

264. Saw a red-rumped parrot and a sulphur-crested cockatoo disputing a tree hollow for a nest.

265. Today was a one-off public holiday to mourn the death of the Queen.

266. Twenty years ago a wattle seedling sprouted in my garden and I let it grow into a great tree. When I moved to a new address I noticed a seedling from it growing in a pot plant, so I put it in my new garden. Today, two years later, the first flowers have bloomed.


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