365 Unusual Things: 281-287

281. After the constant rain of the past days, a local stream has flooded and a little bridge is under a heap of water. I couldn’t continue my walk.

282. Our son gave us a coffee tamper to use with our Italian manual coffee machine (which he also chose). He assured us the expensive tamper would make better coffee, and we’re surprised that tightly compacting the coffee grounds does actually make it taste better.

283. At an exhibition of Cressida Campbell’s woodblock prints today, I saw a huge mural blown up from one of her prints, made by her husband Warren Macris, a photographic printmaker. The original is 4.2 m long, and the mural is 30 m long.

284. A son I haven’t seen for 7 months arrived today and told me my hair is turning grey. No one has ever said this to my face.

285. A new shop near my place is selling ‘African Groceries and Goodies’ and is run by a South African. Today a South African relative of ours came to visit so I told her about the shop, and she went there.

286. Visited a woman today who spoke cruelly, and, immediately after, I opened a book by Javier Marías and read this sentence: “She usually had her reasons for being cruel, and her indifference was a matter of self-defence.” Strange coincidence.

287. Saw a woman walking through the shopping centre in a skin-coloured bodysuit, neck to ankles, with 6-inch black heels. She went to the clothing alteration booth, picked up a trench coat and put it on.


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