365 Unusual Things: 288-294

288. Watched an adult woman climb a rock-climbing wall in a children’s playground.

289. Saw two boys who had caught a yellow fish at the pond. Possibly a type of goldfish, grown large out of the fishbowl.

290. Went to a pub named Sirens which is opposite the Ambulance/Police/Fire Brigade building.

291. Received some free journals from an editor I read for as a volunteer. Included was a card explaining the numbers on the Front Matter page of a journal that tell us which print run the copy is from; in this case it’s print run no. 1. I checked out a book I knew had been printed more than once, Suite Française by Irène Némirovsky (translated by Sandra Smith); the last number is 3, meaning it’s the 3rd printing, I think. The numbers are not in a regular order. Books seem to have a different system.

292. Saw last year’s nest for Welcome Swallows being re-used. It’s on a light fitting.

293. Saw a class of kids being taught how to ride bikes in a skate park. Didn’t know this was being taught by schools.

294. Watched fish jumping out of the pond surface and splashing around. Filmed it and caught myself singing in the background: Summer time, And the livin’ is easy, fish are jumpin’…


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