365 Unusual Things: 295-301

295. Walked on a beach where the driftline was peppered with blue things, mostly bluebottles.

296. Been married 40 years today. That’s unusual.

297. Stopped to look at a large vertical rock on the beach but couldn’t get close to it because of storms and a high tide, but noticed there were several memorial plaques nailed to it.

298. Was thrilled to see three cygnets on a pond today where there have been none so far this spring.

299. At 4.30 this afternoon loud music started up opposite my place, then dancers in traditional costume danced in a circle outside the Nepalese restaurant while a guy on a mic announced to passers-by that they could join in.

300. Saw several front yards in the neighbourhood fully decorated with Halloween stuff like some do at Christmas. Never saw this in previous years.

301. Got some shortbread biscuits called EET-SUM-MOR from the new South African shop near me.


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