365 Unusual Things: 316-322

316. At an ice cream shop this afternoon, I had to ask which flavours had dairy in them because about half were marked “vegan”.

317. I signed up to sponsor a girl in Ghana today. Her name is Forgive. She has been waiting 99 days for a sponsor.

318. Went out for a walk because the rain had stopped at last but after 5 minutes it came down again. When I got home and turned the radio on, the DJ played “Why does it always rain on me?”

319. Wandering through the Australian Botanic Gardens today I found a bust of Joseph Banks beneath a huge banksia tree (named after him).

320. Today I received a free coffee from a barista who had stopped being friendly to me. Turns out he’s just stressed from running a café.

321. An electronic sign over a major local road is presently telling us to “Hang up and drive.”

322. In a pizza shop tonight, there were bits of trivia about unusual New York facts.



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