365 Unusual Things: 323-329

323. A potter friend made a ceramic egg carton, put a few eggs in it and advertised it on Facebook who took it down because it promotes animal products. She took the eggs out, advertised it again, and it passed the test.

Photo from Facebook

324. My translation of a radio play, “Jonah’s Whale” by Claude Aveline, which was accepted in January by Delos Journal at the University of Florida, was finally published today. This is the first thing I’ve had published in 12 months. You can read it here (for paying subscribers): https://journals.upress.ufl.edu/delos/article/view/2001/2357

325. Today at the local shopping centre a young woman was sitting on Santa’s (unoccupied) throne, shoes off, feet on the seat, reading her phone.

326. Yesterday and today were as cold as winter yet we’re a week away from the start of summer.

327. I read good news today about 2 pest species in Australia, the ibis and the cane toad. The ibis uses a “stress and wash” method, flicking the toad about, which releases its poison, then the ibis washes it before eating. This is unusual but very welcome since the introduced cane toad has few predators, and the native ibis, commonly seen eating out of rubbish bins and off picnic tables, is now doing something useful.

328. Today I found an audio of a French short story on a site designed to help people with insomnia. It begins after 10 minutes of relaxation instruction. What’s unusual? I’ve translated this story into English so I know the last line is dark, not a happy ending. I wondered why they chose it to help people sleep, until I listened all the way through and found the story stops at the 2nd last line which has been changed to a happy ending.

329. Today in a reserve I saw a white cane chair beneath a massive old gum tree.



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