365 Unusual Things: 330-336

330. In a huge shop of Christmas decorations, only one small table held nativity scenes. The rest was tinsel and bling, including witch dolls and black Christmas trees.

331. I’ve had just one translated story published this year (it used to happen more often) and today I got an offer to publish a second one, but it will come out on New Year’s Eve in the U.S. when it will already be next year here. So my 2022 record will still stand at one.

332. Saw seventeen swans swimming at sunset.

333. Watched a guy scraping the algae scum off the top of the local pond. His motor died half-way across so he had to row to the other side.

334. Today is the last day of spring.

335. Today is the first day of summer. But more unusual is Australia’s win this morning in the World Cup soccer against Denmark.

336. Heard that compact camera sales are down 97% due to the ease of photography with mobile phones. I’m in the other 3%.



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