365 Unusual Things: 337-343

337. Saw what looked like an offering beside a pond. I did an experiment (after being told that few people use cameras now, see day 336), taking a photo of the same thing with both my camera and my phone (Fujifilm X-E4 and iPhone SE). Here’s the comparison. My camera takes better photos.

338. A neighbour whose marriage broke up this year has a large Christmas tree at his front window which has not been there in previous years.

339. This morning I tried to order two bowls online but couldn’t complete the order unless I told them my gender. Bought the bowls somewhere else.

340. Today we took our grandson (8 months old) to visit his great-great aunty (98). Surely this is unusual.

341. Saw a hill that had been cleared except for a small clump of trees left in its middle.

342. Bought Japanese fabric from a shop cleverly named Kimoyes.

343. Bought maple syrup in a maple-leaf shaped bottle.



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