365 Unusual Things: 344-350

351. Went to a concert and heard my son sing in Latin and Finnish, though he speaks neither language.

352. Dropped off a Christmas hamper at a charity and was invited to have coffee with a French teacher because I speak French.

353. A migrant who is learning English from me was so confident today that when she started talking I had to interrupt her after 15 minutes so we could learn some new things.

354. Wanted to sit on a seat beside the pond this morning (8.44am) but couldn’t wade through the long grass. Three hours later (11.49am) I was about to complain to the local government when I looked again at the seat and found it surrounded by mown grass.

355. After photographing the mown grass yesterday, I was attacked repeatedly by a peewee (magpie lark) till I fell over. Today I’m bruised and aching. A passerby said he’s never seen them attack humans before.

356. Read, in an article about progressive young couples who believe the world is over-populated, that Elon Musk has nine children.

357. Watched a Salvation Army band play Christmas Carols. Was surprised that so few pedestrians stopped.



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