365 Unusual Things: 351-357

358. Saw a woman walking in a Christmas tree.

359. Saw two guys in Santa costumes fishing at the pond.

360. My Korean student gave me two handleless teacups for Christmas. I made a cup of tea when I got home but the cup was so hot I couldn’t pick it up.

361. On the ABC television news tonight, where excellent English is required, a defendant’s words were written on the screen:
“If I had of done nothing…”

362. Went for a drive tonight to see some streets where every house is over-decorated with Christmas lights. At the start of one street, someone had graffitied on the bitumen in big letters: “no more lights”.

363. At the National Library café I sat with the Leonard French stained glass windows on my left, and saw one reflected in the marble pillar on my right.

364. Just read a request for submissions from a journal, “a small traditional publisher of a variety of genres focused on uplifting and supporting womxn everywhere.” At first I thought the x in women was a typo. But it seems they are exing men out of their lives. Men are valuable, indeed indispensable.



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