365 Unusual Things: 358-365

358. Christmas Eve. Spent a quiet afternoon beside a dam because several members of my family have Covid.

359. I was given a purple shamrock for Christmas. Its leaves look like purple butterflies on stalks.

360. In a newfound café I was enjoying good coffee and half an hour of peace and quiet, when the staff put on loud Indian music. I got up and walked towards the door to leave and they turned it off.

361. Watched a hovering dragonfly till it was suddenly snapped up by a passing peewee (magpie lark).

362. Very hot last night so I opened my window wide. At 1.30am a police car turned its siren on right outside my window. A car chase ensued.

363. An old man collapsed on a rooftop carpark and then it started to rain. An ambulance eventually arrived and put up a little tent over him.

364. Accidentally deleted my photos from 25th December till now.

365. New Year’s Eve. Went for an early morning walk thinking I’d avoid people but a “Running Event” began and hundreds of runners filled the path I’d planned to walk on alone. I did however find something unusual, the beauty of a bird’s nest built from natural and man-made strands.


And so I reach the end of my 365 days of unusual things. Thank you to all of you who have followed me each week.


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Literary translator

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