Street photography: Obstructed View

This week, having randomly selected a card from The Street Photography Challenge box by David Gibson, my task was to photograph a scene where an object blocks the view.

At a charcoal chicken shop one night I was surprised when I looked in the window to see a number of chickens roasting nicely on a rotisserie, and idly took some photos through the glass. I had assumed the chickens would be cooked out the back, and hadn’t expected to see them turning on a spit near the window. But neither did I expect to see the reflections of people behind me, nor the balloon which floated down in front of me. The owners were celebrating 20 years in the shop, and were giving away Greek sweets to customers and even to passers-by like me, even though I hadn’t bought any chicken! I got a Greek shortbread covered thickly in icing sugar. Delish.

My camera was set to monochrome so I wouldn’t be attracted to colours, and while I was taking a photo of the chickens the balloon was being blown up and down by a breeze, blocking the picture I was trying to capture. But I like this photo of people and objects I didn’t mean to include.



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