Street photography: Split image

This week the card I randomly chose from the box of David Gibson’s Street Photography Challenge cards asked me to compose an image that is split in two in an interesting way. I walked the streets looking for such a scene and took a few photos, but none is as good as the one below. In fact, I took several standing at this spot, but this one is best because a woman and her dog both caught sight of me in the same moment. I didn’t notice it at the time, but when I later checked my images on a monitor, there they were, looking at me. A good surprise.

I didn’t notice the strip of sunshine on the footpath either, nor the white strip of roofing above it, which together form two converging lines that direct the eye towards the central vertical white line, that is, the edge of the bus shelter’s glass wall. I had my camera set to monochrome, and when I looked at the image on its little screen, the three white lines were glaringly obvious. That’s one of the pleasures of black and white photography.

This street photography challenge is a lot of fun, but I have to be on my own when I’m searching for the right picture. I’ve realised I have to stand in one spot for some time and snap as often as possible in order to get one suitable image. When I’m with other people I feel pressure to click and move on.

But I’m discovering arty tricks which I would never think of myself, like finding a scene which can be interestingly split in two.

I recommend this box of challenges.



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