You’ve arrived at the blog of an Australian literary translator. That’s me. I often say I’m retired though I’m not retired from translating French stories because I love reading them and rewriting them in English. It’s only paid work that I’m retired from (because literary translation for me and for many is not paid work…).

A small camera is my best friend. Its photos can tell a story much better than I can, photos that are almost as good as the French gems I translate. There are a lot of good pics in the photos folder on my computer which will be excellent illustrations to accompany the writing on this blog.

Once upon a time about ten years ago in an earlier blog, I posted World War Two photos from my father’s war album. They might also be good illustrations for odd blog posts in this, my second blog. And for a second time in ten years they will be worth adding because they take us back to a time that we’re glad we’re not living in.

Oh, and I like to be called Trish because it sounds like wish and is easy to explain to English learners.