Street photography: Moving subject

This time the prompt from David Gibson’s box of Street Photography Challenge cards asks to capture blur of movement. The goal is to keep the subject identifiable. This is a shot I took when out for a walk, hoping to meet this challenge by photographing cyclists haring past. What I found instead was a largeContinue reading “Street photography: Moving subject”

Street photography: Ugly ducklings

The prompt I pulled out of the box of David Gibson’s Street Photography Challenge cards this week was to find something in the street that you find ugly at first, but after a longer look can see something beautiful about it. By coincidence, his prompt title “Ugly Ducklings” suits my photo, for I found aContinue reading “Street photography: Ugly ducklings”

Street photography: From above the street

On a rainy afternoon last weekend I went into the city and walked around the main indoor shopping centre where I found good vantage points on the upper floor for photographing people below. This was my goal, with that very prompt in mind from the box of Street photography challenge cards by David Gibson. WhileContinue reading “Street photography: From above the street”

Street photography: Split image

This week the card I randomly chose from the box of David Gibson’s Street Photography Challenge cards asked me to compose an image that is split in two in an interesting way. I walked the streets looking for such a scene and took a few photos, but none is as good as the one below.Continue reading “Street photography: Split image”

Street photography: Someone looking into my lens

I pulled a new card from the Street Photography Challenge box by David Gibson and found myself with a task that would take time. The challenge laid down was to catch someone catching me with my camera. These two shots, the walking man and seated woman, looked at me as I passed them by. TheContinue reading “Street photography: Someone looking into my lens”

Street photography: Obstructed View

This week, having randomly selected a card from The Street Photography Challenge box by David Gibson, my task was to photograph a scene where an object blocks the view. At a charcoal chicken shop one night I was surprised when I looked in the window to see a number of chickens roasting nicely on aContinue reading “Street photography: Obstructed View”

Street photography: Feet

(This is Take 2 for this post. I published Take 1 after midnight last night but this morning my feet photo has disappeared. Never give up…) Last year I gave myself a challenge of writing about unusual things I saw every day in my life. This year I planned to take a photography course andContinue reading “Street photography: Feet”