365 Unusual Things: 29-35

29. In the large medical centre where I’ve just had my Covid vaccination booster, every door was open to the fresh air. Unusual in these days of air conditioning everywhere.

30. Saw a swamphen building a nest out of bulrushes.

31. Saw two ibis killing time by the pond, one of them making a 180 deg turn and expanding its wings for balance. I had a good view of the wing structure.

32. Visited a neighbour and saw she has an old chiming clock identical to one my father brought home from the Middle East in 1942.

33. Today’s date is 2-2-22.

34. Saw an apartment with a sale sign outside: “Buy me for Xmas”. It’s still for sale.

35. Had dinner in a restaurant offering an 8.88% discount on any Asian-style meals on their menu during this Chinese New Year week.


Published by Trish

Literary translator

2 thoughts on “365 Unusual Things: 29-35

  1. When I started following your unusual things posts I didn’t know if there were enough unusual things or if I would be drawn in. But you’re a great observer and your explanations, especially, have taught me a lot. (And sometimes you’re funny.) I’m looking forward to more.

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