365 Unusual Things: 71-77

71. A barista in a café decorated each of my family’s coffees with a different pattern on its froth, a Pegasus, a seahorse, and a swan.

72. I went out into my front yard tonight and discovered a small, brightly lit, Persian grocery store has opened directly opposite my house and I didn’t know it.

73. I’ve long admired a more practical car than mine parked in the next street, and today I found it in a car sales yard. I bought it.

74. In the same street there is a ‘shared zone’ with a 10 kph sign which everyone ignores because there are never any people walking on the road. Today I tried to obey it and drove at 10 kph in first gear. My car almost conked out.

75. On my local pond there is only one white duck, a domestic escapee, who befriends the native black ducks. Today I saw the white duck and a black duck asleep together in a quiet reedy corner.

76. I’ve long tried to photograph dragonflies and have failed. Here’s one that stood still long enough:

77. Bought an English translation of a French children’s book that includes a story omitted from the original. It’s about the author, whose name is Aveline, which means hazelnut, being eaten by a squirrel who thought he was actually a hazelnut. Why would the French leave it out?


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