365 Unusual Things: 225-231

225. I was looking over the railing of this small bridge when an old man came to me and said ‘Don’t just look, you should jump’, and he made a diving gesture with his arms. He again said ‘Jump’, and when I said ‘No’ he said ‘Why not?’

226. Today I read an obituary for my former French lecturer and learnt that though he was Irish he failed English at school, but got into Trinity College in Dublin to study French.

227. At the local golf club this morning a guy making an announcement for a prize draw spoke so loud into the mic that the evacuation alarm was triggered. He kept announcing over the top of it.

228. This morning I went to a local pioneer village which is normally frequented by tourists but I had the whole place to myself for half an hour.

229. Had major dental work done today. The dental assistant was yet another one who is learning English as she goes.

230. Noticed the different classes of customers in two adjacent cafés a few feet apart in a shopping centre, one a donut place, the other a regular coffee place. The customers in one are well dressed, healthy, employed. Those in the other are scruffier, fatter, poorer.

231. Walked to a nature reserve this afternoon and saw a kangaroo and her joey eating grass as one unit.


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