365 Unusual Things: 183 – 189

183. Found on the ABC news web site (our national broadcaster) a section called ‘Good News’. Never seen it before, perhaps because it comes 10th on their news page, after National top stories, State news, Local news, news videos, world news, Asia Pacific, Business, Sport, Arts & Culture.

184. Saw a Great Egret in the pond today. The local nature experts told me it was rarely seen outside of another pond on the south side of the city.

185. Today I was encouraged to submit a translated fantasy story to a journal. They want me to ‘self-identify’ … “Everyone sits at intersections of identity and privilege—please do not write that you have ‘no intersectional identity’ in your cover letter … We also encourage folks who aren’t marginalized to get into the practice of self-identifying, to normalize the practice across the board.” This is an unusual request from editors who are supposed to be judging writing, not writers.

186. Heard theme song from Phantom of the Opera (1986) on the radio and recognised a riff ( DAAAA-da-da-da-da-da) from a song I’ve used for teaching English, ‘Mary had a little lamb’ by Paul McCartney (1971).  It’s also used by Pink Floyd in ‘Echoes’ (also 1971).

187. A delivery guy brought my new camera to the door today, knocked once, then took it back to his van and drove away before we could get to the door. I had to go to the post office to get it.

188. Went walking to take photos with my new Fujifilm camera and found a pigeon fancier who had released his birds for a free fly.

189. Went to dinner in a Thai restaurant where there were two statues of women, one is Thai, the other African. Unusual but complementary.


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